Just Another SPK Repository

What is JASPR?

JASPR (pronounced ˈdʒæspə) is an so called „hosted repository“ which provides additional open source software packages for Synology–branded NAS devices.

What can it do for me?

Imagine you want to run a certain software on your NAS, but it's not available by default. JASPR can help by providing these packages to fullfill your needs.

Do I need special skills?

No. You just need to know how to login and manage your NAS through Synology's web interface. Simply visit the „How to“ section above an get started.

Step 1

As administrator log into your NAS and navigate to: Main MenuPackage CenterSettingsPackage Sources

Step 2

Click Add, then type „JASPR“ as Name, „http://jaspr.kastner.wtf/“ as Source and press OK to finish the setup.

Step 3

Go back to Package Center, then navigate to Community and install the desired package(s).

FTDI Driver

Enables the FTDI driver from Synology to use adapters with FTDI chipset, such as card readers, USB to RS232, etc.

  • 16/05/15Fix

    DSM 5.1 compatibility

    JASPR is now compatible with DSM 5.1 and should also work with DSM 5.2 (untested).

  • 02/11/14Package added

    FTDI Driver

    The first package is up and running. Feel free to add JASPR as package source within DSM. This package enables the native FTDI driver from Synology which comes preinstalled on every NAS, but hasn't been activated for unknown reasons. Install this package to enable the driver and enjoy hassle free setup of card readers, USB to RS232 adapters, etc.

  • 01/11/14Public beta

    Welcome to JASPR public beta!

    I've just finished programming and made the repository available to the public. Please keep in mind that JASPR is currently in beta and report bugs via e-mail. Thanks!

  • Is JASPR compatible with DSM 5.1?

    Yes, JASPR is compatible with DSM 5.1, but you need to set the „Trust Level“ within Package CenterSettings to „Any publisher“.

  • Is JASPR free of charge?

    Yes, it is free of charge and no, I don't plan to make money with it. Consider it my contribution to the open source community.

  • Are you going to add more packages?

    Sure, but please keep in mind that JASPR is a spare time project. I'll add more packages whenever I have some time left.

  • Can you provide package …?

    I don't accept requests for new packages at the moment, but maybe I'll add a request/voting form for new packages sometime.

  • Will package … harm my NAS?

    All packages provided by JASPR are open source and normally won't harm your NAS, but every software has it's bugs and I can't guarantee anything nor will I take responsibility for possible data loss due to bugs. If you're unsure about a certain package simply don't install it or have a look at the source code.

  • Package … caused an issue. What should I do?

    This depends on the kind of your issue. If you're running into this during install or setup: Contact me and I will try to fix it. If the issue is usage- or configuration-related: Please contact the original developer or try to find a specialized community with someone to help you.

  • Are you collecting any usage data?

    I do not collect any usage data from your NAS nor the installed packages on it. However I've installed Google Analytics for this website in order to monitor the traffic and gather basic statistics. Don't worry: We Germans take data privacy very seriously and your IP address is anonymized. ;-)

  • Who's behind this?

    Hi, my name is Cedric and I live in :Düsseldorf, Germany. You can find me almost anywhere but especially on: GitHub, Twitter and Xing.

Designed, coded & maintained by Cedric Kastner
With help from Codrops, spksrc & sspks
Code (will soon be) licensed under MIT